Camden town middlesex england

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The Children are taught to read and say their Catechism, and the old Women knit Stockings for the House.THEY have 3 Flesh Dinners in each Week allow'd them, and in other respects their weekly Bill of Fare is much the same as in other Houses.A House was opened here 1725, for receiving and Employing the Poor of the Parish, there are now in it about 30 men, Women and Children; the Church-wardens are at present the sole Managers of it, and it is hoped their own Experience, with the Success of their Neighbours, will soon put them in a way of making this House a comfort to the Poor, and a saving to the Parish.Construction of a new Whitechapel workhouse began in 1768 at the north side of Whitechapel Road though was not finally completed until 1812.A parliamentary report of 1776-7 listed the workhouse in Whitechapel as having accommodation for up to 600 inmates, making it one of the largest in the country.In the same report, St Botolph Without—Bishopsgate had a workhouse for 250 inmates and Christ Church (Spitalfields) had one holding up to 340.

Its operation was overseen by an elected Board of Guardians, 25 in number, representing its 9 constituent parishes as listed below (figures in brackets indicate numbers of Guardians if more than one): Middlesex: Christchurch, Spitalfields (6); St Mary Matfelon, Whitechapel (10); Mile End New Town (2); Norton Folgate Liberty; Old Artillery Ground; Tower of London, Old without, and Tower Precinct; St Botolph, Aldgate Without, or East Spitalfield Liberty (2); St Katharine by the Tower; Trinity in the Minories.In the Whitechapel workhouse there are two fever-wards; in the lower ward the beds are much too close ; two fever patients are placed in each bed ; the ventilation is most imperfect ; and the room is so close as to be dangerous to all who enter it, as well as most injurious to the sick.In the upper fever-ward the beds are also much too close, but here the beds are single, and the ventilation is better.A Large House, formerly belonging to a Throwster in Bell-Lane, was hired and fitted up Midsummer 1728, where there are now 84 poor People, of which about 30 are Children, employed in winding Bengal Raw Silk for several Throwsters, who send in the silk, and allow for winding it on Bobbins 3d. for the middling, and 5d, for the better Sort, by which at present they earn about 70l.per Annum, and are so fully employed, that they have left off picking Ockam, and spinning Wool.

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