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You can imagine why that might be “extremely traumatic and awful and horrible” for Moss, who had only been married to Armisen for about eight months before he was sleeping with other people. But, as Armisen suggests, it’s a compulsion, one for which he is seeking help. Anyway, here’s a partial transcript of that conversation.

And the weird thing about [your marriage to Moss] in particular, it’s like, when I hear that, it’s not unusual.

He doesn’t come right out and say it, but basically he has a pattern of escaping relationships by sleeping with other people and forcing his partners to boot him.

Basically, that’s what happened here: The romantic idea of the relationship wore off, and he woke up one morning with the urge to find that excitement elsewhere.

When you’re a man who likes to have sex with people and you get to a place in your life where you can do that more frequently, how the fuck are you not going to do that? When you want to be that type of adult that restrains himself or not, that’s a life choice Yes.

Because even negative things help me go forward, because it could be a lot worse. I didn’t have a string of children along the way or anything like that.

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