Desirability sexsi

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We also ask that you: Make non-commercial use of the files We designed Google Book Search for use by individuals, and we request that you use these files for personal, non-commercial purposes. It is rather the ascertaining of the infraction of nature's laws and the resulting effects, that is the problem for solution, and as the high priest of a most noble calling, the emphatic demand of a restoration to harmonic rhythm of function makes the counsel valuable.

Refrain fivm automated querying Do not send automated queries of any sort to Google's system: If you are conducting research on machine translation, optical character recognition or other areas where access to a large amount of text is helpful, please contact us. Other than that, he is the bad Catholic who seeks absolution in confession without expectation of a change of living, and thinks forsooth to escape the penalties ol wrong-doing by the penance of the bitter draught, believing he has purchased absolution and indulgence by a professional fee.

Do not assume that just because we believe a book is in the public domain for users in the United States, that the work is also in the public domain for users in other countries. Its objects are practical and have in view the general welfare of our pro- fession, as well as of society at large. Of that nanerons class of books called quis oorapeods, those helps for lazy, pennilesa or penarioiu medical stadents, I say noth- ing, except that they interfere with the sals of text books, and often contribute to inferior professional attainments; with tbeir ilim limp forms, so that half a dozen might be hidden in coat pocke U, tbey are bookle U rather than books, just as pigmies are not men — tbey lire, it is true, but their life is the low life of para- sites and not of independent existence. These illustrations are indeed in kind of that supernatural 639 power which bade Lazarus again to life and we may well under- ^ stand why His disciples, in a measure and for a like purpose, given the power of the Master, taught that the prayers of the righteous and the laying on of hands availeth much with the sick.

Whether a book is still in copyright varies from country to country, and we can't offer guidance on whether any specific use of any specific book is allowed. It aims to bring into closer relations those members of our profession who are alive to the importance of systematic mental culture, as a prepara- tion for the study and practice of medicine. The number of medical journals isened in the United Sutes is abont one bnndred and fifty. 8omu jonmals are the property of medical pab- lishers, and have as their primary object advertising their book». The purpose for which this power was given, having been established, even the church itself does not claim its continuance except in sundry peculiar and remote instances which are so little in likeness to thp original, that the judicial spirit fails to find evidence of miraculous interposition.

No man should attempt the duties of a medical editor unless he is a good obstetrician; especially as it relates to the diagnosis of preg- nancy and the care of premature and feeble infants. The broken in body as well as in spirit should be healed.

Let me remind you that Socrates in Plato's Theaetetus, states that he is the son of Bhaenarete, a brave and burly midwife, and that he practised midwifery — that he attended men, and not women, that he practised on their souls when they were in labor, and that his art had its triumph in thoroughly examining if the thought which the mind brought forth was a false idol or a true birth. The medical editor ought not only to differentiate between true and false pregnancy, but be should also be able to tell whether gestation has reached the normal term. The law of petition unfortunately as applied to the relation of man to the Divine Being appears at the best to be very imper- fectly understood, and yet the teaching of the Sacred Writ seems reasonably plain, and never the minister who does not feel it incumbent upon him to instruct his people with long and learned expositions of the same.

It may be written in execrable English, but the wise editor will put good clothes on the child before allowing it to come before the public. Said a multitude, he can not die because of the prayers of faith, but the bacterial reproduction went on to its sure harv^est of death in accord with a law introduced upon the earth long prior to the advent of man.

Examples showing the justice of this criticism will frequently present themselves to all who carefully observe periodical medical literature. Science now teaches the undeviating certainty with which the bacillus tuberculosis, under favorable conditions, reproduces, and these conditions pertaining, the fell harv^est of death will continue, sweeping into premature graves, as at present, nearly six thousand victims in Massachusetts alone annually, regardless of the prayers of the faithful.

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Another whose pregnancy ought to last some months, endeavors to give birth every few weeks, evolving from his inner consciousness, no true conception having occurred, something which will keep bis name before the profession, and contribute to the vermiform appen- dix of contributions to medical literature, which shall be attached to his obituary. Such a faith works in accord with, instead of in contravention of God's well- recognized and ordered laws, and the individual is not plucked as a brand from the burning to b*e held up as a possible illustra- tion of a special providential interference, but the rather the entire race is guided into a close and more intimate relationship with Divinity which renders possible a human progress hitherto but faintly foreshadowed, in what have been styled the poetical illusions of visionary dreamers. The human frame is a complex machine composed of a bony framework of solid material, filled in with more pliant elastic matter just suited to the requirements of such an organic struc- ture ; its components being of solids, semi-solids and fluids ; these endowed with vitality, and this vitality with mental and moral capacities ; it becomes an organism subject to all sorts of contact from without and within; and hence, is subject to all sorts of disease, physical as well as mental and moral. To be a doctor equal to the necessities of such a mechanism requires that he be well versed in its anatomic and physiologic being ; that he shall understand its chemic and vital forms ; the influences of therapeutic agents upon such an economy ; and still more, a thorough knowledge of the social, the moral, and the intellectual being he is called upon to treat. I hold that no youth should be encouraged to study medicine unless he has this natural endowment. His elemental education should be thorough and practical. A classical education is a ''sine qua non'* for a medical man. before any preceptor should receive him as a pupil.

Unfortunately errors in diagnosis are very frequent. He who would telegraph to Lon- don must first demand the physical conditions of insulated wire, and the modem Genius of that subtle electrical force first har- nessed to his command before he looks for a ready return of an answer.

Pseudocyesis is not uncommon ; tympanitic distension may be mis- taken for pregnancy, and when the delivery takes place, it is sim- ply expulsion of gas. He who would petition the Divine Throne must know that His great fundamental laws, exercised for the well-being of the Universe, are not to be subverted for the individual purpose by the asking, even if re-enforced by a memorial of signers as long as a congressional petition.

The undersigned, a Fellow of the American Academy of Medicine, cor- dially recommends the election of the above applicant to Fellowship in the Academy. By unanimous consent the Secretary, upon motion, cast the ballot for the names proposed, and they were declared elected. The qualifications of a good medical editor are many. If the power exercised is omnipotent should not the maimed of every class come within the limit of the law as well as those 640 suffering from nervous weakness and functional disability ?

Application recorded 189 Secretary, As this is an APPUCATION for membership, and not a proposal, it should be made in the applicant's own handwriting, signed by a Fellow of the Academy, and sent to Dr. He ought to be a practitioner and a practical man, knowing from his own experi- ence just what doctors need most to help them in their daily work, and how it can be presented in the simplest and clearest form. If such a power is excercised by the interposition of a favored few who have discovered a new law of cure through prayer and anointing, the demonstration should not be withheld from a suf- fering race ; rather its application should be universal, applicable to animals as well as man.

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