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Some people have tried to simplify this concept by using one "after" with the date to March 21, so it reads "the full moon after March 21". It is further compounded with phrases like "from March 21".

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Again, countries do not celebrate different Easter dates based upon their own full moon dates! Many definitions misuse use the phrase "after March 21st" in an Easter definition.

The Gregorian calendar has gradually been adopted world wide from October 1582.

The last known use of the Julian calendar was by Greece in 1923, so method 1 applies only historically.

Either at the time of their calendar change or at a later date, some (but not all) regions have used the revised Easter date calculation based on the Gregorian calendar.

The current Gregorian calendar is valid until at least 4099 AD. What was then Italy changed calendar AND calculation method in October 1582, so for years 1583 to 4099, use method 3. Use method 3 for Western churches for years 1753 to 4099.

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