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vril Lavigne's tiny face is eclipsed by a pitcher of beer that she has set about emptying.After the last swallow, she puts the pitcher back on the table, belches loudly and grabs a microphone in time to sing the opening notes of Creedence Clearwater Revival's version of “Suzie Q.” It's 1 A. on the last day of a two-week trip that has taken her to Singapore, Seoul and Tokyo.

You can look kind of punky without listening to punk rock or writing punk-rock music.”Still, Reid contends that “there are no guys in suits that can manufacture artists like Avril Lavigne. God knows the record business needs them right now.”If the response in Asia is any indication, Lavigne's fans are way more vocal than her detractors.She politely hands a paper bag to Lavigne, who flashes a halfhearted smile and murmurs, “Thanks.” Once we are out of earshot, she says to her assistant, “That's the one. ” She opens one of the packages to find crispy fried potato sticks, and, suddenly, the fear of poisoning vanishes as she digs in.avigne never doubted she'd be a star.She's here waiting every day.” Lavigne looks in the bag, suspiciously eyeing the candy and snacks inside. She has always believed she was destined to be a famous performer.“That's what all of this was supposed to be about.”Not every artist gets to play arenas on her first headlining tour.Since “Complicated” hit the airwaves last spring, the teen-pop singer who is anything but “teen pop” has experienced phenomenal success, including 4 million in sales for her debut album, .

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