Gods rule on dating

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(One notable exception is the legendary warrior-king Gilgamesh, who appears in several versions of the list, as well as in numerous Sumerian stories.) Nevertheless, the king list does introduce some interesting and colorful characters, such as a female barkeep who was "king" of Kish for 100 years.Most scholars believe that the king list was really a work of political propaganda, designed to help the rulers of the Isin dynasty in their bid to take over southern Mesopotamia.

The reigns of many of the rulers cited are clearly fictitious.Compare Answers to the Name of God, when someone swears "My God!" (or the equivalent), only for another character to reply "Yes?It is still a basic tool in studying the earliest history of Mesopotamia.Scholars believes that the lists sometimes contradicts other epic stories because certain kings should be contemporaneous, even when it dont show to do so in the King Lists, in my opinion is the reason simple, Scholars dont accept the long lifetime of these kings.

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