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Though Saint Gregory the Illuminator has been credited as the "Apostle to the Armenians," the Apostles Jude and Bartholomew are believed to have brought Christianity to Armenia, where Jude was rumored to have later been martyred.

There is some debate about where Jude died, though most Biblical scholars agree he was martyred.

Although the church remains named for its original patron, the image of Judas Thaddaeus has been moved to the main altar.

The church and some other locations in Mexico, receive thousands of devotees, mostly coming on the 28th of each month, especially October 28, the saint's feast day.

The National Shrine of Saint Jude was founded in 1955 and can be found in England.

There are two mentions of Jude in the New Testament: Luke and Acts .

Although the Church denies this, UNAM researcher Héctor Castillo Berthier states that the Church uses this veneration to combat that of Santa Muerte.

"Thaddeus" may have become a popular nickname for Jude following Judas Iscariot's betrayal.

Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee.

There have also been several sites across the world dedicated to the Apostle Jude, including shrines and churches.

The veneration of Judas Thaddaeus (San Judas Tadeo) in Mexico has taken on importance in Mexico since the mid 20th century, especially in Mexico City.

The center for this veneration is at the San Hipolito Church in the city center, for centuries the only church with any space devoted to this saint.

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