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Exposure therapy has been good for me – it doesn't hurt to tell my story any more.

But that does not work for everyone."As their January meeting approaches, I ask all three what they think of the NZDF's willingness to change – ahead of the Joychild report, it has implemented it's own programme called Operation Respect. They're all cautious."If it really does change, I'll be very surprised," Cherie says."My gut feeling is that, no, it won't really change.

As they talk about how Karina tried to shield her baby sister from the worst of her father's abuse, about how the fight for justice has brought them closer together, I flash back for an instant to a moment in my own past.About 15 years ago, at home in Melbourne for a family Christmas, my mother mentions in passing that a former neighbour has paid a surprise visit.Instantly at the mention of his name my hackles rise – good thing I wasn't here to answer the door, I spit, or he'd be out cold on the doorstep.Tracey Topp remembers witnessing the moments right before her sister was raped by their father for the first time.Tracey was eight, Karina,11; it was just them and their dad in a motel spa pool the night before a family trip to Singapore.

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