Validating application design against specifications

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Although the Recruiter was able to locate several interested Engineers with at least five years of applicable experience, none of them had an Industrial Engineering degree.

Because of this, all were rejected by the Client before the first interview.

In reference to the job specifications, at a minimum, the following questions should be asked: “How do you define and measure successful performance in this position?

” “What outcomes must be achieved through this position and within what time frame?

The proper answers to these questions serve as the foundation for a successful search.

Working without them is doing a disservice to your Client and creates a no-win situation for you.

Asking a question similar to the following will generally provide the key information you need to accomplish this.

However, validating the job description is an important part of that process and, many times, the Recruiter only completes this crucial task in a superficial manner.

” “As the manager, how do you communicate performance measurement to the employee?

How will they know whether or not they are properly performing the critical functions?

Specifically what outcomes must be achieved through the position within what time frame and against what performance standards.

Also included should be the critical functions (duties, responsibilities) that must be properly performed in order for the employee to produce the desired results.

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